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What They’re Saying

We have been using Ann-Marie for tutoring services for the last 3 years, I can only applaud her commitment, professionalism, knowledge and understanding. She works with 2 of my children on a weekly basis and they have come on leaps and bounds since being with her. They look forward to going each week and have a fantastic relationship with her – she understands their needs and specialises in areas where they need additional support. I cannot recommend Ann-Marie highly enough. What a fantastic tutor, worth every penny!


Ann-marie has helped my daughter, now ten, come on leaps and bounds. From a kid who was poor and anxious about maths, she is now at the top of her class, and is confident in her ability. I strongly believe that this is due to her tutoring. All tutoring costs money, but if you want results then Ann-marie is a great tutor. My daughter enjoys her tutoring time in a friendly environment, she is always happy to go. I can't rate her highly enough.


My daughter received extremely valuable tuition which was tailored ideally for her, suiting her learning style perfectly. She enjoyed the time she spent with her tutor and was inspired and more confident as a result. Definitely a good investment of time and money!


What an absolutely fantastic tutor Ann-Marie is! My daughter has been receiving lessons from her for nearly a year now and the difference in unmistakable. Ann-Marie makes her pupils feel at ease right from the very first lesson, so much so that my daughter loves her lessons whereas before she detested anything to do with the subject! I don't know how she does it but Anne-Marie has the ability to get into her head and think what my daughter is thinking. From this she knows exactly what her strengths and weaknesses are, why she thinks the way she does and from this is able to develop the areas that need improvement. She adapts her teaching style to bring out the very best of my daughter and I am absolutely delighted with her progress to date. I have already recommended Ann-Marie to other friends and will continue to do so at every opportunity. Thank you Ann-Marie you're just a super star!


Excellent teacher who knows how to bond with the children and has dramatically boosted my grades, would seriously recommend her to others if they request great things for their future.


My daughter has been having lessons with Ann-Marie since last September. It has not only improved her writing and grammar, but her confidence has grown. I would not hesitate in recommending Ann-Marie, just seeing the change in my daughter is great.