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We teach English at GCSE and A level, we are experts in our field, mirroring the schools teaching for maximum seamless learning.

In Language, whether your child needs help to write imaginatively, or to draft a transactional writing extract, we can support their learning.

We use planning aids, encourage students to reach for higher vocabulary and provide past papers, exam exemplars and many student examples.

Pupils agonise about how to start their work. If this is your child, we have strategies to erase this agony. Another common problem, is waffling… loosing direction after starting well. This is due to a skill that schools don’t have a lot of time to instill… planning.

In Literature, your prodigy may need to brush up on Shakespeare’s plays, or understand how to analyse poetry. We love these subjects and we aim to inspire.

Cardiovascular exercise helps create new brain cells. This improves brain power and brain activity.