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Welcome to AIM Tutoring

Our aim is to increase your child’s grades, inspire and motivate them to succeed.


  • We are a small group of independent qualified teachers and educators. We work in schools plus teach students outside of the classroom to help them progress in areas they need support in.
  • We work on a self-employed basis  as individual tutors which means that we have our own rates of tuition  pay to reflect the expertise and teaching positions we hold .
  • aimtutoring is a small business for local families. They return with each child as they progress. Our success has meant we have been extremely busy for the past 15 years, this has led to both local and international students choosing to learn with us.
  • We all have an up to date DBS, safeguarding training  and insurance, plus between 2 and 30 years of tutoring experience with an array of knowledge, degrees, masters and PHD’s reflecting our high level of educational performance and the reason why we are vastly experienced at what we do.


  • Secondary – year 7-11 -Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology and History.
  • A Level -year 12 and 13- Maths, English, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Psychology.
  • If you don’t see your subject in the list, please ask.


  • When you contact us, we will discuss how best to support the student, we recognise that every pupil is different. We are experts at picking up on students preferred study methods and plan our lessons accordingly. You are welcome to meet the tutor first to check the rapport as some pupils feel nervous and we understand that.
  • We only teach online, one to one lessons which are an hour long in duration .We feel that a bespoke lesson is the most fundamental way to increase confidence and therefore grades,
  • Parents are welcome to sit in on any lessons.
  • Finally, we are highly qualified and experienced in all exam boards and papers.


  • Please fill in the contact form  with as much detail as possible including the students name, year, potential availability with as many options as possible and the type of tutor you are  looking for.
  • Let’s plan together how we can help and support your child. 

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Watch a short introduction to AIM Tutoring


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We offer bespoke lessons, looking at how the student learns and teaching strategies to overcome problems. The result of this is confidence and ultimately-success.


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There is a huge amount of content in the English exam. It is common for many students to struggle with some aspects more than others.

In Language, whether your child needs help to write imaginatively, or to draft a transactional writing extract, we can support their learning.

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Science at GCSE is a multi- faceted subject.


Students need to have a good working knowledge of English, and they must be able to learn a wide course content and apply  theory into scenarios.

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We teach both Maths and English from Key stage one and two. Young children do well in this area, as they absorb learning so well. Some need more guidance and encouragement.

Many need more practise at a concept as- in the classroom, the teaching moves along quickly and some parents feel that their child gets left behind.

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Online learning is the future. Our lessons are bespoke and  planned exactly  to the students needs.

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We are confident that our expertise enables us to help students access a huge range of courses, anywhere in the world. See what we  offer here…

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Check This Out

A selection of feedback we have received

“My daughter received extremely valuable tuition which was tailored ideally for her, suiting her learning style perfectly. She enjoyed the time she spent with her tutor and was inspired and more confident as a result. Definitely a good investment of time and money!”


“We just wanted to let you know that Amelia achieved straight 9’s. Thank you for your help.”


“Excellent teacher who knows how to bond with the children and has dramatically boosted my grades, would seriously recommend her to others if they request great things for their future.”